Young George Washington and His Horse

Jim Hill and Christopher Tucker


Taking history for granted is easy. The American Revolution, the bloody beginning of our nation, was fought over two centuries ago. It’s easy to lock those patriots in the past, to regard them as stuffy white guys who built a government that currently can’t get its act together. But there’s more to our founding fathers than that. George Washington was a warrior who fought in many vicious battles and overcame great odds. These are the stories we want to tell, and comics are the perfect medium to do so. On top of loving history, we’re big fans of Wuxia, a style of Chinese narrative that involves factual people from the past possessing superhuman fighting abilities (for example, the “Red Cliff” films). What would it be like to combine that traditional Chinese genre with the mythology of America? Find out more at

Jim Hill is a graphic designer and illustrator currently living in Portland, Oregon. He’s a recent graduate of the Pacific Northwest College of Art and co-founder of Working Class Press.

In the last decade, Christopher Tucker has moved from Western New York to Portland, Oregon, and then to Chicago, creating all the while. Besides working on “Washington,” he is contributing to The Billfold, shopping around a novel and designing a board game.