Tin House Workshop: Core Values

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Core Values
Core Values


We believe the workshop is made better by having faculty, participants, and staff that represent a multitude of backgrounds. We celebrate the fullness and range of expression of identity and encourage sensitivity to the uniqueness of each person’s background.


We acknowledge that underrepresented voices have faced historical disadvantages in the workshop setting and that these disadvantages extend into the present. We aim to continually address and correct such imbalances through staff training, faculty selection, admissions, educational programming, and our scholarship program.


We strive to provide everyone with the same access to opportunities, both in the application process and throughout the workshops. We seek to create a workshop community in which writers of all identities feel welcome, valued, safe, and heard.

We recognize the workshop is an ever-changing space that evolves with its participants. We are committed to listening and responding to feedback from our community, and to implementing changes necessary for development.

Revision 09/14/2018