Tin House Workshop

Established in 2003, the Tin House Workshop provides writers with various high-quality opportunities to develop their craft and sharpen their writing skills through classes, seminars, workshops, and residencies. Our programs are made stronger by having faculty, participants, staff, and readers who represent a multitude of backgrounds and experiences, and we seek to create a workshop community in which writers of all identities feel welcome, valued, safe, and heard. We strive to provide everyone with the same access to opportunities, both in the application process and throughout our programs, and recognize the Workshop is an ever-changing space that evolves with its participants. We are committed to listening and responding to feedback from our community and to implementing changes necessary for development.

We believe that by nurturing the artist, we nurture the art.

New Work From Alum & Faculty

We are excited to highlight recent titles published or forthcoming by our esteemed faculty and alum.