Tulip Mania

Cody Carvel


Oh Mary we will probably not live
To see the next century’s nineties.
Our century’s nineties were grand.
They were ok. They were before
The End Times and Now
I’m in a fit about not ever getting to find out if our nineties were better

And now now
I have this crown imperial to put in your hair and then to put in my hair and
then to trade several times so
We can both see how being with a beautiful thing looks
Impromptu magic

Like the magician I was seeing before
Slavery got all popular again. He would find a currency
From the vicinity of my ear and I
Would tell him to let it collect a little
Interest. Beautiful rascal, beautiful
Marquis, beautiful got your nose, beautiful time and hat and we were
In the company collecting a garnishment, in the company now
Tulips are again collecting interest.


Cody Carvel grew up in Oklahoma and Texas. He has degrees in English and African-American Studies from Harvard and an MFA from USF.