Tin House Galley Club: Little Sister

Tin House Staff
Tin House invited a select number of early readers to receive advance copies of Little Sister, the newest novel from the internationally acclaimed Barbara Gowdy. Melding the real and the magical, the strange and the familiar, Little Sister is the story of cinema owner Rose Bowan, who suddenly finds herself inhabiting the body of another woman, Harriet, whenever it storms. It’s a book alive with mystery; we could hardly wait for our Galley Club members to finish reading so we could talk with them about it. But we waited, and it was worth it. Here are their thoughts. 

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Anything else you’d like to say about Little Sister?
“Thanks to Little Sister, I’m having my first experience with paranormal literary fiction; super thrilling & totally believable!”
“I’m so inside Rose’s POV who’s so enraptured by Harriet’s. A book that demands reading in one go!”
“Completely charmed by the power of magic in an everyday life in Little Sister.”
“I had never read anything from this author, and was delighted at the premise. Fascinating and novel. The setting felt fresh and open. I was glad to read about a different part of the world, and a woman of ” a certain age.” I would love to read more.”
“Little Sister is a carefully constructed, character-driven magical adventure that compels a second read.”
“There were many cool ideas that could have been fleshed out more.”

“Hauntingly intriguing; like the thunder claps of the story’s storms, Rose pounds back and forth in her life, never completely settled.”

“The author unraveled the story and characters slowly, drawing me further and further in.”
“Clever story line. Surprising plots twists. Intriguing characters. A must read.”
Thanks to our wonderful Galley Club members for getting to know Little Sister and for sharing their literary expertise! Interested in being part of Galley Club? We’ll announce the next title—and instructions for how to join—on our Facebook and Instagram accounts later this summer.