Zahir Janmohamed

Lance Cleland

Zahir Janmohamed is a visiting assistant professor of English at Bowdoin college. He received his MFA in fiction at the University of Michigan where he received awards in fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and playwriting. In 2019, the podcast he co-founded in Portland, Oregon about food, race, gender, and class called Racist Sandwich was nominated for a James Beard Award. He has written articles and essays for The New York Times, The Atlantic, The Washington Post, The Nation, The Guardian, and many other publications. Project Description: “In 2002, I received a fellowship from the American India Foundation to work with an NGO in India’s western state of Gujarat. Twelve days after I arrived, a train carrying Hindus was attacked, sparking the deadliest anti-Muslim violence India has experienced since Partition. On the first day of the pogrom, Hindu mobs walked on my street looking for Muslims—Muslims like me—to kill. The Permitted Hours is a memoir of that violence and a reported account of its aftermath. It seeks to explore what it means to be Indian at a time when more and more Indians do not regard me as Indian because of my faith.”