Threa Almontaser

India Downes-Le Guin

Threa Almontaser is an award-winning poet and multimedia artist from New York, and the author of The Wild Fox of Yemen. She holds a bachelor of fine arts, a master of fine arts, and a TESOL certification from North Carolina State University. An editor for tinderbox poetry journal, a national board member in the american association of yemeni students and professionals, a judge for the Pen America Writing for Justice Fellowship and the Scholastic Arts and Writing Awards, she focuses primarily on promoting the creative arts. she currently teaches English to immigrants and refugees in Raleigh. When not storytelling or coming up with conspiracy theories, she attends comic conventions, speaks on community engagement panels, trains her koi to do tricks, and keeps an eye out for pretty rocks. She believes writing should not only entertain, but provoke, and can be found most likely sitting hunched over her desk thinking obsessively about the placement of commas.