Tanisha Tekriwal

Lance Cleland

Tanisha Tekriwal (any pronouns) is a writer and filmmaker currently based in Ahmedabad, India. They are a graduate of Northwestern University, where their manuscript about a grieving translator in self-exile — “AUR”— won Best Undergraduate Thesis in Creative Writing. She is currently expanding the work into a novel. Tanisha is interested in stories about family, gender, class, and empire, and has won multiple grants to support their research and filmmaking. Project Description: “AUR” follows a PhD student trying to finish her translation thesis on a lesbian Hindi poet while grieving her late sister. The tension of the story resides in Jai striving for accuracy in translation and for accuracy in her memories of childhood. While her work provides some solace, it also increasingly drives her to madness. In fact, Jai believes that an impossible baby is growing inside her: her sister’s baby, or perhaps her sister herself.