Sonali Chanchani

India Downes-Le Guin

I began my career in publishing with an internship at Kaya, an independent press dedicated to publishing authors from the Asian diaspora. I joined Folio in 2015, where I’ve worked closely alongside Claudia Cross and Frank Weimann on a range of fiction and nonfiction titles. I’m now actively building my own list.

For me, books have always been a way into the world — a chance to experience a new perspective, whether in a far off time and place or just around the corner from me. I love stories that lift me up and take me somewhere new or turn me around and re-frame the world I know.

In fiction, I’m looking for character-driven literary fiction and upmarket women’s fiction with a strong, distinctive voice. I’m particularly interested in smart, funny novels about identity and coming of age, braided narratives of friendship and/or family, nuanced psychological suspense, and elevated crime fiction. Across the board, I love books that center underrepresented voices and blend emotional depth with sharp, witty insights. I also gravitate towards lyrical, atmospheric stories with tension simmering beneath the surface. In general, I have a soft spot for small towns, quirky characters, historical settings, magical realism, and elements of folklore or mythology.

In nonfiction, I’m looking for narratives and collections that illuminate some aspect of our society or culture with an eye towards social justice. I’m especially interested in reported narratives that advance our current conversations about race, class, gender, and/or politics.

An advocate for authors from marginalized communities, I’m keen to represent a diversity of voices.