Sara Daniele Rivera

Lance Cleland

Sara Daniele Rivera is a Cuban/Peruvian artist, writer, translator, and educator from Albuquerque, New Mexico. Her poetry and fiction have appeared in The Loft Anthology, The Green Mountains Review, Storyscape Journal, The Portal Prize Anthology, SeedBroadcast, The Breakbeat Poets Vol. 4: LatiNext, Speculative Fiction for Dreamers: a Latinx Anthology, and elsewhere. She was the recipient of a 2017 St. Botolph Club Emerging Artist Award and the winner of the 2018 Stephen Dunn Prize in Poetry from Solstice Magazine.

Project Description: Blindsand is a science fantasy novel set in Ris-Klyda, a desert society poised on the edge of ecological collapse. The protagonist Danéli, a sand-diver, and her community must navigate magic systems, hidden histories of exploitation and genocide, and the depths of monstrous sandpits as they journey towards their world’s transformation.

Residency: 2022 Speculative