Mico Astrid

Lance Cleland

Mico Astrid is a Filipino/American multidisciplinary artist whose work explores diasporic identity, lived experience, and memory. As an immigrant who lived undocumented in the U.S. for twenty years, their practice centers the illumination of stark realities under oppressive states and ultimately works toward a greater collective understanding of injustices embedded in current systems. Mico is an Undocupoets Fellow, and their work can be found in The Quarterless ReviewOpal Literary Magazine, and elsewhere. Mico was born in the Philippines, raised throughout California, and currently lives in Seattle: unceded Duwamish land. For more: micoastrid.com

Project Description:
Mico will be working on Askal, their debut memoir. Askal weaves together fragments taken from personal history, generational family history, and Philippine-American history to piece together an image of what it means to be undocumented, what it means to be alienated from a sense of home, and what it means to inherit the grief of those that came before us. Through a surreal assemblage of memories and pseudo-memories, Askal takes an accounting of these violent histories in order to imagine a world where they do not repeat.