Jay Gao

Lance Cleland

Jay Gao is a Chinese Scottish poet, writer, and MFA student at Brown University. He is the author of three poetry chapbooks, Wedding Beasts (2019), Katabasis (2020), and TRAVESTY58 (forthcoming). His writing has appeared in Granta, The Guardian, The Poetry Review and 3:AM Magazine. He is a Contributing Editor for The White Review, and a mentor for the Ledbury Emerging Poetry Critics programme. Currently, he resides in Providence, Rhode Island.

Project Description: Double Vision is a collection of interlinked short stories exploring narratives of the global Chinese diaspora, set in Europe and Asia. The book, a hybrid collage of prose and poetry, Greek myth and Taoist cosmology, excavates histories of colonial violence, globalisation, and the role of art in our world.

Residency: 2022 Winter