Elisa Wouk Almino

India Downes-Le Guin

Elisa Wouk Almino is a Brazilian writer and translator based in Los Angeles. She is a senior editor at Hyperallergic and teaches translation and art writing at UCLA Extension and Catapult, where she is also a contributing editor. You can find her essays and translations in the Paris Review Daily, LA Times, NYR Daily, Literary Hub, Words Without Borders, among others. She is the translator of THIS HOUSE by poet Ana Martins Marques (Scrambler Books).

Project Description: Elisa is working on a book of translations, tentatively called EVERYTHING IS A LETTER, featuring the works of Brazilian poet Ana Cristina Cesar, known as Ana C. Credited with sparking the feminist poetry movement in Brazil, Ana C. wrote  audacious poetry that mimicked diary entries and letters. Elisa is translating a selection of these poems, as well as actual letters that Ana C. wrote to Elisa’s mother, who was the poet’s friend. The letters were a direct inspiration for Ana C.’s prose poetry book “Kid Gloves,” which lies at the heart of EVERYTHING IS A LETTER.

Residency: 2o22 General