Breena Nuñez

Lance Cleland

Breena Nuñez is a cartoonist, part-time comics professor and mother to a beautifully curious toddler. Breena writes and illustrates to her lived experience as a queer AfroSalvadoran-Guatemalan person from the Bay Area through short form comics. Some of their comics have been featured in several anthologies and published through clients like The Nib, The New Yorker and LA Times. When time and space are provided in between naps Breena will haphazardly write in a notes app to archive her stories that will eventually turn into scrappy comic strips published through her family’s small press, Laneha House.

Project Description: Breena uses the language of comics to walk us through a series of events that piece together the ways she has tried to understand what Central Americanness means to her. We learn a little about the people who come before Breena’s existence and their arrival to the homeland of the Ramaytush Ohlone people, otherwise known as the San Francisco Peninsula. Eventually Breena begins to share more introspective moments on how she tries to understand their identity, relationship to different geographies, and to the word home. This graphic memoir will express the constant feelings of not feeling enough for someone like the author who embodies multiple cultures, but feels adrift from ancestral knowledge while trying to assimilate as a means for survival and feeling belonged in US society. Despite the relentlessness of feeling bothered, Breena tries to find solace with