Anthony Hudson

Lance Cleland

Anthony Hudson is a Grand Ronde and Siletz artist and writer also known as Portland’s premier drag clown Carla Rossi. Anthony’s performance work, from his award-winning solo show Looking for Tiger Lily to Queer Horror at the Hollywood Theatre, have earned him national fellowships, international engagements, and sainthood from the Portland Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. A 2023 FSG Writer’s Fellowship finalist, Anthony’s writing has appeared in American Theatre and Arts and International Affairs, and he is currently adapting Looking for Tiger Lily into a book.

Project Description: An adaptation of Anthony Hudson’s theatrical solo show of the same name, Looking for Tiger Lily recounts a Grand Ronde and Siletz artist’s childhood spent watching redface in Peter Pan. Asking what it means for a queer, mixed Native kid to grow up seeing white people play “Indians,” first on a VHS tape of a 1960 musical production and later in American pop culture at large via Disney’s Pocahontas, Cher’s Half-Breed, and Lana Del Rey’s war bonnet, Anthony eventually finds true representation through the legacy of his ancestors and becomes Portland’s premier drag clown.