Andy Tan Tuck Ming

India Downes-Le Guin

Andy Tan Tuck Ming is a writer and an MFA graduate at the University of Iowa. Born in Singapore and raised in New Zealand, his current work is interested in the shifting structure of the family, especially in the context of migration, displacement, and welfare. His work has been published or forthcoming in the Kenyon Review, Michigan Quarterly Review, Speculative Nonfiction, The Rumpus, and other publications.

Project Description: Hometown is a collection of personal and documentary essays that re-imagines the notion of a hometown as a contingency rather than an origin, looking at not just where we are from but where and how we are made to arrive. The essays explore the displacement and discontinuity imposed by migration, diaspora, family, nation, and uncommon resources––migraines, technological glitches, mistaken identity––we may use to return somewhere else.

Residency: 2022 First Residency