Issue 78

Winter Reading



Kate Christensen / Enrique Vila-Matas / Gerald Stern
Editor's Note

We are also delighted to give you, along with the insightful interview, an excerpt from Vila-Matas’s new novel, Mac’s Problem. And, as always, it is a special thrill to discover a fresh voice like Dantiel Moniz, whose short story “Outside the Raft” not only crackles with youthful energy, but also contains the deep wisdom of someone way beyond her years. A new, yet old approach is taken by Molly McCully Brown and Susannah Nevison, whose “Post-Op Letters in the Field Between Us” are poems as correspondence after a particularly destabilizing event as Nevison writes, “I know there’s no going back.” So let us go then, you and I, into the weirdness.

Table of Contents


Dantiel W. Moniz
Kristina Jipson
Down to the Water
Kate Christensen
The Golden Venture
Olivia Parkes
The Gift
Enrique Vila-Matas
Mac’s Problem
Translated by Margaret Jull Costa & Sophie Hughes

Elvis Bego
Katherine Heiny
The Hook Up
Regina Porter


Kendra DeColo
Self-Portrait as Getting Drunk Dialed by God
Weaning, I Listen to Tyler, The Creator
Weaning, I Listen to Paganini’s Concerto No. 1
Amy Dryansky
Kate Daniels
Sibling Psychology
Gerald Stern
My Dime
The Romantic
Her Lenin
Molly McCully Brown & Susannah Nevison
Post-Op Letters in the Field Between Us
Rushi Vyas
Ars Poetica
t’ai freedom ford
One Day Ellen Gallagher Will Make Paper Wigs for Our Wedding
Saul Williams Could Never Be Miles Davis (No Shade)
The Garbage Disposal Ate Your Horoscope Again
Stephanie Rogers
Learning to Play the Oboe
Poem for My Nurse Practitioner
Arthur Sze
Wendy Xu
Writing Home
Interim Poetics
Grace Bauer
Ms. Schadenfreude: The Early Years
Ms. Schadenfreude’s Anti-Valedictory
William Archila
Spanish Love Songs
Michael Bazzett
The Old Woman & The Moon
The Problem
Julia Johnson
Kathy Fagan
Kai Carlson-Wee
The Gift


Carol Keeley
A Delicate Rage

Lost & Found

Jamel Brinkley
Justin Nobel
on Mother Jones’s Autobiography of Mother Jones
Johannes Lichtman
on Stig Dagerman’s Wedding Worries
Alice Bolin
Thomas Hrycyk
on Tan Lin’s Insomnia and the Aunt

Last Word

Eleanor Mary Boudreau
Another Earnest Postcard