Winter Craft Intensive: Hugh “H.D.” Hunter


Editor's Note

Real YA, with Hugh “H.D.” Hunter
Sunday, December 5th, 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm EST
One of the biggest challenges YA writers face with craft is nailing the voice. How can you design the essence of a narrative voice that feels authentic enough to build a bridge for young readers to connect? And that’s before we get into subcultural dialogue and dialects! Young readers deserve voices, worlds, and stories that represent them well, in complex and nuanced ways. We can write our way to that – and we will. This three-hour generative class will focus on narrative voice, story anchors, and worldbuilding that supports writing YA with a measure of authenticity, all in service of writing stuff about kids that feels … let’s be honest … not like stuff that old people wrote about kids.
You can expect to generate several of the writing pieces below during our time together:
-A partial main character profile
-An outline or refinement of your story issue (major plot conflict)-
-Story nuggets from 1 – 3 quick write prompts
-Longer prose (or chosen style) drafts from a cumulative 1 to 1.5 hours of writing