Issue 57


Fall 2013
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Ben Marcus / Ursula K. Le Guin / Lauren Groff
Editor's Note

In our mitigated, cultivated world, is it possible to still be wild? With no wilderness, will our natures turn tame? These are two of the challenges we threw out for our Wild issue, and because writers are creative, and therefore untamed, they came back to us with very different answers. Often the word wild is associated with otherness and primitiveness. Artist Matt Kish explores this idea in his dark, haunting interpretation of Conrad’s classic tale of madness, Heart of Darkness; Lauren Groff’s single female heroine loses herself to otherness in the story “Salvador”; and journalist Inara Verzemnieks chronicles a transient community that colonized a highway rest stop. The doggedly inquisitive Ginger Strand tackles the elusive sex trade in Vegas and traces the not-so-wild roots of the Wild West. Whatever your inclination, we hope you heed the words of Isadora Duncan: “You were once wild here. Don’t let them tame you.”

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Table of Contents


Lauren Groff
Donald Ray Pollock
The Worm
Arthur Bradford
Ben Marcus
Leaving the Sea
Lawrence Osborne
Camino Real
Vauhini Vara
I, Buffalo


Olena Kalytiak Davis
The Poem She Didn’t Write
Natalie Eilbert
I Want a Love
Rosalie Moffett
Re: Grand Theft Auto 2
Albert Goldbarth
Jung / Malena / Darwin
Detective / Woody / Sci-Fi
Kimberly Grey
System of Becoming Quite
System of Dismantling Bomb
Alice Fulton
Forcible Touching
Allison Titus
Essay on Urban Homesteading
Patricia Spears Jones
Self-Portrait as Midnight Storm
Mark Irwin
A Fly


Inara Verzemnieks
The Last Days of The Baldock
Matt Kish
Heart of Darkness
Ginger Strand
Company Town
Rilla Askew

Lost & Found

Ursula K. Le Guin
On H.L. Davis’s Honey in the Horn
Nathan Alling Long
On Marilyn Hacker’s Love, Death, and the Changing of the Seasons
Emma Komlos-Hrobsky
On Rosemarie Waldrop’s A Form / Of Taking / It All
David Varno
On Janet Frame’s Faces in the Water
Aspen Matis
On John Muir’s Travels in Alaska

Readable Feast

Jeff Koehler