Issue 73

True Crime

Fall 2017

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Tayari Jones // Héctor Tobar // Karen Shepard
Editor's Note

We envisioned the theme of True Crime as a way to engage with our country’s voyeuristic obsession with rogues and outlaws, the Starkweathers marauding our badlands. Justin St. Germain, in his essay “Murder Tourism in Middle America,” returns to Truman Capote’s In Cold Blood and visits the Kansas village of Holcomb as a way to confront his own mother’s murder. The fiction writers take us into the gray, Tayari Jones exploring a night in question in an excerpt from her new novel, An American Marriage, and in her short story “Rescue,” Karen Shepard unravels a tight-knit community’s reluctance to face the truth about a deadly hit-and- run. Hafizah Geter’s searing “Testimony” series of four poems—for Eric Garner, for Michael Brown, for Sandra Bland, for Tamir Rice—gives voices to those silenced by police brutality. Claire McQuerry’s poems view the American dream through the jaundiced lens of the subprime mortgage scandal. And Matthew Zapruder’s “Paul Ryan” is a grand indictment that offers the rarest gifts—grace and transcendence from our current criminal state. Where there is friction, there is fire. We hope that this incendiary issue burns clear and bright.

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Table of Contents


Tayari Jones
An American Marriage
Karen Shepard
Bryan Washington
610 North, 610 West
Lydia Conklin
The Battle of the Four Season


Claire Vaye Watkins
Jeff Smith
How I Went From Senator to Petty Thief
Arthur Bradford
Central Booking


Hafizah Geter
Roger Reeves
Past Barabbas
Prayer of the Jaguar
Dan Bellm
Election Elegy
Matthew Zapruder
Craig Santos Perez
Rings of Fire
Terrance Hayes
American Sonnet for my Past and Future Assassin
American Sonnet for my Past and Future Assassin
American Sonnet for my Past and Future Assassin
American Sonnet for my Past and Future Assassin
Erika Meitner
Jackhammering Limestone
Claire McQuerry
The Heart Can Thirst Because Obsession is a More Country
Your Friendly Bank Is Offering
Alexandra Teague
American Hepatomancy
Sam Sax
Poem in Which the Writer Sees Himself in an Old Textbook
Executive Order
Federico García Lorca
translated by Sarah Arvio
The Marked Man
Amanda Hawkins
Americans at Yad Vashem
Teri Ellen Cross Davis


Tim Griffith
The Boathouse


Héctor Tobar
Hillsides and Flatlands
Mitchell S. Jackson
Survivor Files
Luc Sante
A Boy and a Girl and a Car and a Gun
Liza Ward
Double Exposure
Justin St. Germain
Murder Tourism in Middle America


Jordan Foster
Murder by the Book
Morgan Jerkins
On Suzanne Cesaire’s “The Malaise of a Civilization
Alix Hawley
On Harriette Wilson’s Memoirs
Willy Vlautin
On Charles Willeford’s Pick Up
J.C. Hallma
On Max Apple’s The Propheteers


Kathleen Alcott
Serves Three


Christian Patterson
From Redheaded Peckerwood