Issue 7

The Willies

Spring 2001


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Editor's Note

If ever there was a story to turn a man into a primate-ophile, it’s Nick Tosches’s strange but true report on the 1930s medical scandal in which seemingly otherwise sane men paid to have monkey glands implanted in their scrotums to enhance their virility. If ever there was an essay to get you picking at your scalp, it’s Kathryn Harrison’s “Nit Pickers,” a first-person account of her family’s run-ins with lice! lice! lice! and more lice! Mary Gaitskill, as ever, crawls under the skin in her story “Therapy,” which is what one might require after reading Lydia Davis’s “Letter to a Funeral Parlor.” And, on the other hand, we have some awe-inspiring offerings from some of our favorite poets: James Tate, Sharon Olds, Nobel laureate Wislawa Szymborska, Diane Ackerman, as well as a remembrance of the late Yehuda Amichai by Charles Simic. The distinguished and beloved Poet Laureate Stanley Kunitz sits down with TH poetry editor Amy Bartlett and reminisces about D.H. Lawrence and other writers he has known during his ninety-five years.