Issue 37

The Political Future

Fall 2008


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Editor's Note

As the old bumper sticker says, “If you aren’t pissed off, you aren’t paying attention.” There is a lot to be angry about these days, but there is also a lot of hope in the air. We’ve dedicated this issue to looking forward, to finding solutions rather than wringing our hands over the past. In that spirit, Tin house publisher and veteran political writer Win McCormack looks at global political trends, predicting the fall out from their inevitable collision, as well as highlighting the potential for new opportunities. Sickening as it is, torture has become as American as apple pie. Nick Flynn examines the consequences of atrocities committed in the name of all Americans. It is said that the greatest art rises out of the greatest strife. That political tumult is a splendid muse. The fiction and poetry within these pages are evidence of that. Because it is the artist’s job to lend shape and meaning to our lives, and, we believe, illuminate the future, we asked over a dozen of our favorite writers what their hopes and fears are for the future. The answers might surprise you. What we hope will engage you are the many different voices and viewpoints represented within these pages. What all of these writers share is their ability to challenge us to reexamine what we thought we knew or believed about the world. To make us see our world with new eyes.

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