Issue 24

Summer Reading



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Editor's Note

While some magazines are cutting out fiction and devoting more pages to attack-dog book reviews, Tin House is still very much devoted to fiction. In every issue you’ll find us flaunting the finest fiction we can get our mitts on, whether it be short stories, like Tony Earley’s “Yard Art,” or novel excerpts such as “The Reign of Frogs,” from Tin House contributing editor Rick Moody’s forthcoming novel, The Diviners, or—our secret passion—a brilliant new voice such as Robert Travieso, who debuts here with his wonderfully surreal story “Bouncing.” Lest you poets, sensitive souls, and lovers of nonfiction get your bikinis in a twist, rest easy knowing that you will always own a part of us, too. And we show our love by inviting you to get supine by the pool with the suavest man in poetry, Mark Strand, as he talks with the Tin House contributing editor Christopher Merrill over a couple of martinis.