Issue 64

Summer Reading, #64


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Patrick Modiano / Lewis Hyde / Jodi Angel
Editor's Note

Since our first issue, back in 1999, we have prided ourselves on recognizing new voices. It has been a thrill to discover writers such as Victor LaValle, Justin Torres, and Dylan Landis, and then to watch their careers blossom. It speaks well of the current literary climate that we are continually surprised and excited by previously unknown writers. For this issue, five New Voices caught our eye. Poets Diana M. Chien and Cody Carvel dazzled us with their energy and wit, while Mary Barnett grabbed our attention with her essay about a decades-old trauma and her continuing struggle to heal. We admired the confidence and precision of the prose in the short stories of Sarah Elaine Smith and Matthew Socia—Smith’s “Pink Lotion” following a problematic addiction recovery, Socia’s “American Tramplings” being the tale of a stampede epidemic. While discovering emerging writers is always a thrill, it is a different excitement reading the work of masters who are in full command of their powers. For readers unfamiliar with the latest Nobel Laureate, Patrick Modiano, his “Page-a-Day” (beautifully translated from the French by Edward Gauvin) is an ideal introduction, wherein the author explores his favorite subject—Paris—and obsesses on time, memory, and the legacy of World War II. In “Forgetting Mississippi,” Lewis Hyde revisits the brutal 1964 murder of two young black men. Hyde, who was a civil rights activist at the time, not only puts the crime in context but also does the seemingly impossible—searches for forgiveness. Kimiko Hahn, the author of seven volumes of poetry and winner of numerous awards, demonstrates in her four poems how she continues to push her art, reminding us that no matter how accomplished, discovery is experienced poem to poem, word to word. Here’s to renewal and discovery.

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Table of Contents


Patrick Modiano
Translated by Edward Gauvin

Jodi Angel
Centrifugal Force
Tara Ison
The Knitting Story
Greg Hrbek
Smith Henderson
Treasure State
Jennifer S. Davis
Those Less Fortunate


Paul Kirchner
The Bus
Lewis Hyde
Forgetting Mississippi
David Gessner
The Prankster and the Professor


Catherine Barnett
The August Preoccupations
O Esperanza
Kimiko Hahn
The Magic 8 ball
Like Wooly Willy
Jenny Xie
Going Under
Rita Gabis
Feng Shui in the Spirit House of the New Family
Respect the Face
Ed Skoog
Grateful Dead Tapes
Robert Duncan Gray

New Voice – Fiction

Sarah Elaine Smith
Pink Lotion
Matthew Socia
American Tramplings

New Voice – Nonfiction

Mary Barnett

New Voice – Poetry

Diana M. Chien
A Skin
Cody Carvel
Palace of 6th-Graders
Tulip Mania

Lost & Found

Rachel Riederer
On Barbara Grizzuti Harrison’s Off Center
Jonathan Russell Clark
On H.D.’s Bid Me to Live
Jessica Handler
On Berton Roueché’s Eleven Blue Men and Other Narratives of Medical Detection
S. Shankar
On Agnes Smedley’s Daughter of Earth
John Reed
On André Gide’s Paludes