Issue 16

Summer Reading



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Editor's Note

Reading a great story is like falling in love with a stranger on a train. In your complete absorption you miss your stop, pour coffee down your shirt, forget your own name—what could be more sublime? Stuart Dybek’s breathtaking novella Breasts is guaranteed to send you many stops past your destination. In fact, we strongly suggest that you spirit this issue off someplace warm and safe, like the beach, park, or any other clean, well-lit, stationary locale. Like Stuart Dybek, Joy Williams and Charles Baxter reaffirm our belief in the power of fiction. Not as solace or balm, but as a challenge to see and hear and think clearly, to fine-tune what one does, and doesn’t believe in. Also, make sure to read Gary Greenberg’s moving account of adopting a baby from the wrong side of the tracks, a passionate essay that raises difficult questions about fertility, race, class, and the myriad choices facing prospective parents.