Summer Craft Intensive: Jonathan Escoffery


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An Occasion For the Telling, with Jonathan Escoffery
Thursday, August 18,  3 – 6 PM PST  
Energetic prose and unforgettable characters are often said to be the bedrocks of literary fiction. Fully fleshed out characters have implied histories and futures that never make it onto the page, so what dictates where and when a character’s problems and desires become worthy of dramatization? And what determines where that dramatization ends? And, finally, how do you know when your story is undercooked, over-inflated, or fully realized? In this generative intensive, we’ll use prompts to create story-worthy characters and explore how elements such as repetition, reversals and recognition, and suspense and tension-building can help us determine the contours of the worlds we create. Short readings will include works by authors such as Justin Torres, Tobias Wolff, and Jhumpa Lahiri. Participants will leave class with numerous tools for testing their current drafts’ “readiness,” as well as an outline for a new story.