Spring Craft Intensive: Prince Shakur


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Editor's Note

Revisiting The Artist’s Responsibility with Prince Shakur
Sunday, June 11
8 – 11 AM PST/ 11 AM – 2 PM EST

A craft intensive centered on the tradition of how radical artists and writers navigate ongoing political turmoil and unrest. This craft intensive will debunk the sometimes comforting myth that artists are intrinsic agents of change during periods of political repression, racism, and bigotry. This intensive will take a critical approach to responsibility of artists from politically empowered or disempowered backgrounds to look at the liberatory impacts of artists that challenged the social conditions of their time through art and action.

By examining the creative/political approach of of “radical artists/revolutionaries/writers”, this intensive will provide an entryway into exercises that help attendees assert what their creative and political goals are in their body of work, and how to maintain this approach through the compromises that capitalism often asks us to make.

BIO: Prince Shakur is a queer, Jamaican-American freelance journalist, cultural essayist, and grassroots organizer with a BA in Creative Writing from Ohio University. His words have been featured in Teen Vogue, Catapult, Level, Electric Lit, and more. In addition, Shakur is the proud writer in residence at Sangam House, Twelve Arts, The Studios of Key West, and La Maison Baldwin.