Spring Craft Intensive: Emet North


Editor's Note

Many Worlds and the Queer Imaginary with Emet North
Saturday, April 20
10 AM  – 1 PM PST / 1 – 4 PM EST

According to the many worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics, each time a measurement is taken of a quantum system, the universe splits into parallel versions—one for each possible outcome. Although these other universes are inaccessible to us in daily life, in this generative craft class we’ll think together about how we might reach for them on the page. What imaginative doors are opened when we consider not what is possible in this world, but what might be possible in another? Drawing on queer theory, bastardized physics, and our own life experiences, we’ll do a variety of generative writing exercises to attempt to answer this question together—and to see what possibilities this unlocks for both our writing and our lives. Put differently: How do we turn our lives into story? How do we turn our stories into life?

This craft intensive is open to writers of all experience levels.

We have one scholarship available for this intensive. Scholarships are conducted through a lottery. If you are interested in submitting your name, please fill out this form.

BIO: Emet North has lived in a dozen states over the past decade and has no fixed residence, though they feel most at home in the mountains. In previous lives, they worked in an observational cosmology lab on a grant from NASA, taught snowboarding in Montana, researched Lie algebras, led wine tastings, waited tables, trained horses, and wrote a thesis on the many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics. They have a combined BA/Sc.B. in physics and philosophy from Brown University, an MFA in fiction from Johns Hopkins University, and they’re also a graduate of the Clarion Writers’ Workshop. Their debut novel, In Universes, is out from Harper Books on April 30th, 2024.