Queering the Archive, with Morgan Thomas


Editor's Note

Friday, May 20, 4:00-7:00 pm PST *online*

In this workshop, we’ll explore the generative potential and ethical considerations of archival research as part of a story-writing process. Together, we’ll excavate queer and genderqueer histories—the Universal Friend, Lucy Hicks Anderson, Thomas/ine Hall, and many more. We’ll use these histories to contextualize our current understandings of queer and genderqueer identities and to spark new stories. We’ll study contemporary authors like Jordy Rosenberg, Arielle Twist, C. Riley Snorton, C Pam Zhang, and T. Fleischmann, who are directly engaging Two Spirit, genderqueer, and queer histories. Using their work as a model, we’ll set forth a set of collective intentions for inhabiting and rendering these queer and genderqueer histories with care.