Issue 22

New Voices

Winter 2004


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Editor's Note

In our post-election grief, we find ourselves imagining a future America dominated by beefy white men who consider high culture to be the Rapture novel series and fraternity drinking songs. Luckily for us, we have been busy putting together our Emerging Voices issue, and we are heartened. The future of American fiction and poetry is reflective of the future of the country as a whole: multicultural, gay and straight, young and old, conservative and liberal, and not black and white, not fixed with red or blue solutions, but made up of infinite shades of gray—or if you prefer, purple. The American fiction and poetry of today is spiced with the flavors of Central America, the Middle East, the Far East, and even otherworldly Idaho. At Tin House, we have taken pleasure and pride in discovering new voices, and so an entire issue of the most vital new writers working today seemed like a natural extension of our mission.