Issue 4


Spring/Summer 2000


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Editor's Note

At the outset we hoped that in time we could draw exceptional work from around the world. In this issue Slovenian writer Andrej Blatnik’s “Mickey Mouse Travels East” surfs the tsunami-sized cultural shifts of Eastern Europe. We also are pleased to be bringing you Lauren Milne Henderson, Britain’s reigning queen of “Tart Noir” fiction and her lusty story, “Draining the Snake.” The sheer vitality of newcomer Kelly Le Fave’s poetry grabbed us, and hasn’t let go. We continue to learn and be dazzled by the accomplished Dan Halpern who shares with us his first poetry love. Another thing that continues to impress us is the sheer volume of submissions we’ve been receiving, and which our talented, diligent readers, Mollie Godfrey, Peter Henry, Allison Dubinsky, and Gabrielle Belfiglio, faithfully comb for nuggets of brilliance. Imagine their surprise to find their names missing from Issue 3’s masthead. Mercifully, they have forgiven us and soldier on in the name of discovery. Now that is something to celebrate.