Issue 6


Winter 2000


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Editor's Note

Putting this mammoth issue together was something like a big-budget special-effects extravaganza—good money after bad, our regular columns and good sense tossed out the window, mistaken identity, betrayal, cryptic e-mail, heartbreak, a stick of butter, plagiarism exposed, a bicycle chase, a flood, and a small fire. Scene One: The tone of the issue is set by the great Russell Banks who holds forth on the new intelligence in films and how filmmakers have creatively adapted his own uncompromising novels into movies. Scene Two: Party Scene with Mysterious Parlor Game, in which a dashing and bewitching array of writers, producers, and directors answer five question, brilliantly dishing about the film adaptations they love and hate. We would like to invite you, after reading what nimble-witted folks such as Carrie Fisher, Buck Henry, Rick Moody, Benicio Del Toro, and Alison Maclean have to say, to please register your own loves and love-to-hates on our spanking new website.

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