Holding It Together, Barely, with Jeannie Vanasco


Editor's Note

Saturday, June 25, 10 am-1 pm PST
Broadly defined as “thinking in the moment,” associative logic—for our purposes—is a stylistic device. In this generative seminar, we’ll explore the ways it can be used in poetry, fiction, and nonfiction/memoir to hold our writing together, just enough. Prompts tied to etymology, syntax, acoustics, and imagery will help us generate new material and fasten together already existing material. A week before we meet, you’ll receive some short excerpts (by Tomas Tranströmer, John Keene, Annie Ernaux, Jazmina Barrera, Durga Chew-Bose, Aisha Sabatini Sloan, Linda Boström Knausgård, among others) that will provide context and deepen our discussion.