Issue 29

The Graphic Issue

Fall 2006


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Editor's Note

When the idea of a Graphic Issue came up and all the usual suspects surfaced, we knew we had to spin it in another wider, weirder, more eclectic direction. We wanted to push the idea of “graphic” to include not only the mostly overlooked Jack Kirby classic Challengers of the Unknown, but also an excerpt from groundbreaking graphic novelist Marjane Satrapi’s Chicken With Plums, and a collage project by trailblazing cartoonist/graphic novelist/all-around-kick-ass-gal Lynda Barry (her art graces the cover). There’s also the political cartoon genius of Tom Tomorrow, Daniel Raeburn’s plunge into the seedy, truly cartoony mayhem of wildly popular Mexican pulp comics, and the incredible you-are-in-the-inferno essay of Jo Ann Beard, who takes us into the hellish night when painter Werner Hoeflich’s apartment burst into flames.

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