Issue 8

Do Not Disturb

Summer 2001


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Editor's Note

For Issue 8 we are consulting the Magic 8 Ball: Will Issue 8 of Tin House show me the path to true enlightenment, make me irresistible to French sailors, and put a jaunty bounce in my step? All signs point to yes! In Elizabeth Tallent’s mesmerizing “Give,” pain, past and present, is given like a gift. A lost surrogate family beats at the failing heart of Jennifer Egan’s “You (plural)” while the specter of a father killed in the Balkan war haunts his widow in Josip Novakovich’s “Ribs.” In Agha Shahid Ali’s unforgettable, elegiac poem “I Dream I Am at the Ghat of the Only World,” the ghost of James Merrill accompanies the poet to the underworld on a quest for the spirit of his mother. Issue 8 also features an interview with Barney Rosset, the big bad daddy of underground letters, who recalls the extraordinary personalities he has published over the years, such as Beckett, Robbe-Grillet, Miller, Lawrence, and Oe.

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