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Percival Everett : The Trees

Today’s guest, Percival Everett, author of twenty-one novels, four short story collections, six collections of poetry and a children’s book, has also been a horse and mule trainer, a jazz guitarist, a fly fisherman, a rehabilitator of mandolins, and an abstract painter. He is, however, best known for his “gleefully unhinged” (New York Times) hard-to-categorize novels, books that engage with the tropes of genre (e.g. detective novels, Westerns, Greek myths) and subvert those same tropes, often in the service of looking at the stories America likes (and more notably, doesn’t like) to tell about itself. We talk today about his latest novel The Trees (Graywolf Press), a book that is somehow a police procedural, a possibly supernatural revenge story, a comic burlesque, and an examination of the ongoing history of lynching in the United States.

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