our biographers are having breakfast again

Alana Csaposs

years had passed since the last time they were in bed together and then yesterday our biographers couldn’t get out of bed whenever your biographer got up to stand at the window and check on her car or to go to the bathroom my biographer pulled her back into bed and they started all over again where they had left off as if they were trying to remember how we once were and now they are at breakfast the light is beautiful they can see a sliver of the sea from their table and your biographer just said on what page did he suddenly feel they were growing old? and my biographer looked out the window for a long time as if he were watching a film of us out there the waitress came by with more coffee just as my biographer was about to say long before they were actually old yes your biographer said as the waitress turned he knew exactly what my biographer was going to say before he even said it it happened the same way for her and after the check instead of going to the parking lot as they had planned and saying goodbye again for who knows how long this time perhaps forever perhaps a year or two our biographers passed by the front desk and one of them but I’m not sure which one looked at the desk clerk and said just one more night please