The Heart Can Thirst Because Obsession is a More Country

Claire McQuerry

A diamond is in your dream now, stronger than
money, on-time, smart. It’s nice, remarkably
like pleasure cotton. Your aging image works
our way: everything melts to be the same,
the prosper dream. We know you. Obey the great
American joy: who has hands, at business.
Everything free lives in money. What’s nice
about lies is the fabric of madness between

world and worth. We earn our person; we think
you love it. You have your “me” in the wallet.
You’re just the start. We have the hear-mouth, the do-
power now. You make it alive. Listen
to the time than to the old-fashioned else.
Be it dirt forever. Think you move a path

for different? Of will? We are never not your road.

Claire McQuerry‘s poetry collection Lacemakers won the Crab Orchard First Book Award, and her poems have appeared in American Literary Review, Fugue, and other journals.