Girls Write Now

Two Decades of True Stories from Young Female Voices

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“Important work . . . A beautiful example of what happens when you let girls write and share it with the world.” — Samhita Mukhopadhyay, Teen Vogue

Teenage girls tell their most urgent stories, punctuated by inspiration and advice from Zadie Smith, Roxane Gay, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Gloria Steinem, Alice Walker, and more of today’s great writers.

Girls Write Now: Two Decades of True Stories from Young Female Voices offers a brave and timely portrait of teenage-girl life in the United States over the past twenty years. They’re working part-time jobs to make ends meet, deciding to wear a hijab to school, sharing a first kiss, coming out to their parents, confronting violence and bullying, and immigrating to a new country while holding onto their heritage. Through it all, these young writers tackle issues of race, gender, poverty, sex, education, politics, family, and friendship. Together their narratives capture indelible snapshots of the past and lay bare hopes, insecurities, and wisdom for the future.

Interwoven is advice from great women writers—Roxane Gay, Francine Prose, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Zadie Smith, Quiara Alegria Hudes, Janet Mock, Gloria Steinem, Lena Dunham, Mia Alvar, and Alice Walker—offering guidance to a young reader about where she’s been and where she might go. Inspiring and informative, Girls Write Now belongs in every school, library and home, adding much-needed and long-overdue perspectives on what it is to be young in America.


  • Both a feat of literary awesomeness and a slice of inspirational magic. Every page feels like a peek inside the high school diary of a future Pulitzer-Prize-winning author living at a climactic moment in time and defining for herself who she wants to be. . . . These essays amplify the fact that young girls everywhere deserve to be heard. Soak them in and marvel at their unique brilliance.

    —BUST Magazine

  • Through poetic verse and infused with native language, these 116 autobiographical short stories from black, Asian, and Latina young women are thoughtful, earnest, raw, regretful, angry, and impassioned . . . The authors’ authentic experiences will elicit strong emotional reactions from readers and maybe even encourage them to write their own. Strongly recommended.

    —Booklist (Starred Review)

  • Important work . . . A beautiful example of what happens when you let girls write and share it with the world.

    —Samhita Mukhopadhyay, Teen Vogue

  • Find in these pages whispered, shouted, necessary notes on our present in the voices of girls on their way to becoming women.

    —Naomi Jackson

  • This book is a resounding affirmation of young female life, in all its multiplicity.

    —Tavi Gevinson

  • Deeply important work—young women, now more than ever, must claim their own stories.

    —Emma Cline

  • Warning: there is so much heart, intensity, guts, and sheer talent in these pages, you’re going to need to remind yourself to breathe.

    —Lynn Melnick

  • These voices are brilliant and daring and playful and coming into their own. They are an absolute pleasure to read.

    —Nicola Yoon

  • Girls Write Now is doing amazing things to encourage young women to look within and see that their point of view is not only valid and important, but essential.

    —Abbi Jacobson

  • The revolution is now and girls are leading the way! They are not afraid to speak up. These are the voices of our future leaders, activists, change makers. Give this book to all the girls and boys in your life. Give it to all the adults. Read it. Listen to their words. This is the revolution.

    —Ellen Oh

  • It sounds like a fantasy, too good for this world. A place where women and girls meet to write and discuss writing. Incredible.

    —Ilana Glazer

  • Each story here is a reminder that we build writers by not only believing that they have the talent and spirit it takes to write, but also by showing them how our very voices can influence the world.

    —Lisa Lucas

  • The writing here is fresh and alive. You are about to experience the great joy of reading new artists as they begin to discover themselves and their powers.

    —Kaitlyn Greenidge

  • Seeing these brilliant and driven young women take on the world through words gives me so much hope for the future, both of television and the world.

    —Jenni Konner