Virginia Elliott and Phil D. Stong

Virginia Elliott was born in Fulton, Ohio, in 1896, but lived most of her life on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. In addition to Shake ’Em Up, she’s the author of Quiet Drinking; A Book of Beer, Wines & Cocktails and What to Serve with Them and Soups and Sauces.

Phil D. Stong was born in Iowa in 1899, but eventually moved to Manhattan, where he worked as a magazine and newspaper journalist. Along with Shake ’Em Up, he’s the author of several dozen novels for children and adults, most notably State Fair.


  • “This witty drinking guide, originally published in 1930, is packed with cocktail recipes and contrarian advice.”

    The New York Times

  • “It is hilarious and unpretentious, and I’m talking laugh-out-loud hilarious here, people . . . . the introductions to the drinks, and the descriptions of the dinner party experience, that really make the day.”


  • “A delightful cocktail book that perfectly captures the zeitgeist of the Prohibition Era.”