Mike Fu

Mike Fu is a writer, translator, and editor based in Japan. He has studied in Los Angeles, New York, Paris, Suzhou, and Tokyo. His Chinese-English translation of Stories of the Sahara by the late Taiwanese cultural icon Sanmao was named a Favorite Book of the Year by The Paris Review and shortlisted for the National Translation Award in Prose. He is a cofounder and former translation editor of The Shanghai Literary Review, and currently a PhD candidate at Waseda University.


  • Questions of identity, reality, and possibility unfold.

    —Library Journal

  • Sensuous, sexy, and at times surreal, Mike Fu’s Masquerade paints an unforgettable portrait of a young man standing on the cusp of creative agency. Masquerade is a mesmeric fever dream of a novel about the powers and boundaries of life, love, and art. Through writing that pulses with animus, danger, and—at all times—beauty, Fu introduces hidden, decadent corners of the singular cities of Shanghai, old Shanghai, and New York. A Nabokovian puzzle with a hint of Hitchcock and an altogether original cast.

    —Juli Min, author of Shanghailanders

  • Stylistically daring, with jigsaw plotting, lush sensuality, and a tender emotional core, Mike Fu’s Masquerade is a subtle and self-assured debut. A book that is as much about the brittle threads of reality that bind us as it is about how easily they are shattered.

    —Jinwoo Chong, author of Flux

  • Masquerade captures that ephemeral blossom of youth, of carefree days bumming smokes from crushes and spilling cocktails on strangers, as well as the dreaded anticipation of loneliness and self-doubt on the last train home. From here, it provokes the reader to take part in an irresistible mystery. Mike Fu’s writing is vivid and cinematic, unforgettably rendering the vibey-cool of diasporic Shanghai and the restless pulsing of New York’s heart.

    —Xuan Juliana Wang, author of Home Remedies