Melissa Broder

Melissa Broder is the author of the novels Milk Fed and The Pisces, the essay collection So Sad Today, and four poetry collections, including Last Sext. Broder has written for The New York Times,, VICE, Vogue Italia, and The Cut. She is the winner of a Pushcart Prize for poetry. She lives in Los Angeles.


  • The perfect way to bite right into the profane, grotesque, and lush world of Broder’s words.


  • Not to be overlooked.


  • Superdoom is like silly putty. In your hands, it’s stimulating, sensuous, and a little bit gross. It’s receptive to your dirt. . . . it feels like she’s creating new feelings and words. A new lexicon for our most physical and intimate experiences.

    —Paperback Paris

  • [Showcases] the breadth of style and distinct humor for which Broder is known. Organized by collection, readers have the opportunity to experience Broder’s evolution as a poet in real time.

    —The Poetry Question

  • Her poems eviscerate the reader with their misty and murky charm.

    —Dorothea Lasky

  • Broder has a virtuosic sense of herself and is able to convey, through poetry, the form of her whole mind process. In turn, we see our deepest selves reflected back.

    —Daniel Lopatin