Melanie Cheng

Melanie Cheng is an award-winning author and doctor based in Melbourne, Australia. Her writing has been published in the Guardian, The Age, The Saturday Paper, and The Big Issue, among many others.


  • “How rare, this delicacy—this calm, sweet, desolated wisdom.”

    —Helen Garner

  • A small pet rabbit takes on greater meaning in this tight, elegant story of a family quartet reckoning with grief. Melanie Cheng captures the claustrophobic, revelatory strangeness of the early days of the Covid lockdown while bravely mining complexities of human emotion—fear, guilt, anger, and love—in lovely, lucid prose that glitters throughout with cut stones of wisdom.

    —Lauren Acampora, author of The Paper Wasp

  • The Borrow’s restrained prose and heartbreaking honesty capture the paradox of living with trauma, where the smallest of daily interactions are often the most debilitating. Yet despite dealing with such weighty material, The Burrow is an engrossing, compulsive, and uplifting read—a testimony to Cheng’s mastery of style and keen insight into human nature.

    —Rajia Hassib, author of In the Language of Miracles