Kimball Taylor

Kimball Taylor is the author of Return by Water: Surf Stories and Adventures, as well as, Drive Fast and Take Chances: Fair Warning from Surfers. He’s a long-time contributor to Surfer Magazine. Taylor has co-authored history books on Pipeline and Jeffreys Bay. Taylor holds a BA in Journalism and a MFA in Creative Writing. He has taught writing courses at San Diego State University and is an alumnus of The Squaw Valley Community of Writers.


  • Kimball Taylor brings us along on a deeply researched and richly detailed journey to our southern border, and in the process enlightened me with every turn of the page. The Coyote’s Bicycle is not unlike a swift downhill mountain bike ride through no-man’s land.

    —Eric Blehm, New York Times Best Selling Author of Legend, Fearless, and The Only Thing Worth Dying For

  • What an improbable, richly peopled saga! Kimball Taylor follows his hunch so deep into the world of polleros and the borderlands where they do their human smuggling that you’ll forget you’re reading non-fiction. El Indio, his clients, the authorities, and the harsh country they all do battle with—not to mention all the merry, ubiquitous bicycles rolling through the story—this completely original concoction reads like Latin American magical realism, except it’s reported-out and grounded in fact. Wonderful stuff.

    —William Finnegan, author of Barbarian Days: A Surfing Life and Cold New World: Growing Up in a Harder Country