Karen Shepard

Karen Shepard is a Chinese American born and raised in New York City. She is the author of four novels: An Empire of WomenThe Bad Boy’s WifeDon’t I Know You?, and The Celestials. Her short fiction has been published in the Atlantic MonthlyTin House, and Ploughshares, and her nonfiction has appeared in MoreSelfUSA Today, and the Boston Globe. She teaches writing and literature at Williams College in Williamstown, Massachusetts, where she lives with her husband, writer Jim Shepard, and their three children.


  • “There is such a wondrous variety in these highly accomplished stories. They are rich with invention, with acute (sometimes alarming) awareness, dazzling insight, and pure, word virtuosity.”

    —Richard Ford

  • “In this captivating collection of stories, Karen Shepard turns her ever keen eye on women, and in her gaze is both love and a startling clarity. Readers of all kinds will find much to relish in this voice— from its storytelling surprises to the insights and sharp observations it extends, over and over, to us on the other side of the page.”

    —Aimee Bender

  • “A sharp and memorable collection.”

    Publishers Weekly

  • “Shepard is so perceptive, we feel as if we are part of the scene ourselves . . . These stories, and the characters that inhabit them, are so vivid, they will surely stay with readers for a good long while.”