Girls Write Now

Founded twenty years ago, Girls Write Now is New York’s first and only writing and mentoring organization for girls, and one of the nation’s top after-school programs. The writers—90% high-need and 95% girls of color—have performed at Lincoln Center and the United Nations, published original work in Newsweek, The New York Times, and BuzzFeed, and earned hundreds of Scholastic Art & Writing Awards for their anthologies. 100% of Girls Write Now’s seniors go to college—more than half with awards and scholarships. Girls Write Now has been featured in Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, NBC Nightly News, ABC Good Morning, Glamour, Elle, Upworthy, and many others.


  • “Find in these pages whispered, shouted, necessary notes on our present in the voices of girls on their way to becoming women.”

    —Naomi Jackson

  • “This book is a resounding affirmation of young female life, in all its multiplicity.”

    —Tavi Gevinson

  • “It sounds like a fantasy, too good for this world. A place where women and girls meet to write and discuss writing. Incredible.”

    —Ilana Glazer

  • “Warning: there is so much heart, intensity, guts, and sheer talent in these pages, you’re going to need to remind yourself to breathe.”

    —Lynn Melnick

  • “Deeply important work―young women, now more than ever, must claim their own stories.”

    —Emma Cline

  • “These voices are brilliant and daring and playful and coming into their own. They are an absolute pleasure to read.”

    —Nicola Yoon

  • “The revolution is now and girls are leading the way! They are not afraid to speak up. These are the voices of our future leaders, activists, change makers. Give this book to all the girls and boys in your life. Give it to all the adults. Read it. Listen to their words. This is the revolution.”

    —Ellen Oh

  • “Each story here is a reminder that we build writers by not only believing that they have the talent and spirit it takes to write, but also by showing them how our very voices can influence the world.”

    —Lisa Lucas