Fiona Warnick

Fiona Warnick grew up in Western Massachusetts and holds a BA in Creative Writing from Oberlin College, where she won the Emma Howell Poetry Prize. She teaches preschool in Providence, RI.

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Twenty Stories
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Lost City Books


  • Charming and amusing. . . . an intriguing narrative that will inspire readers to rediscover their own fondness for the strangely ordinary parts of life.


  • Thoughtful, tenderhearted. . . . Through Isabel, we see the thrilling scope of youthful possibility.

    —Kirkus Reviews

  • Trying to make sense of what it means to be back home after college and feeling not quite grown up but not quite a child, Fiona Warnick explores this odd in-between.

    —Barnes & Noble, A Most Anticipated Debut of 2024

  • A breath of fresh air.

    —Debutiful, A Most Anticipated Debut of 2024

  • A thoughtful and warm-hearted ode to the end of adolescence. . . . A coming-of-age literary gem.

    —Shelf Awareness

  • For lovers of Sally Rooney, meet your new favorite author! A gorgeous coming-of-age story about love, desire, friendship, ambition, and modern life.

    —Summer Says

  • The Skunks is a gleaming, zany little gem—a novel that perfectly captures the weirdness of being young and just out of college, and not sure what comes next. Compassionate, quirky, and beautifully written, I adored it.

    —Annie Hartnett, author of Rabbit Cake and Unlikely Animals

  • A sly, graceful ode to the natural world, to the gray areas of human relationships, to love, to friendship, and to stories, The Skunks captivated me from the first page and kept on surprising me til the very end.

    —Jenny Fran Davis, author of Dykette

  • Brimming with charm and philosophical humor, The Skunks sweeps readers into a young woman’s first foray into adulthood. This is a novel that asks big questions of friendship, romantic firsts, and finding one’s way in the world. Prepare to be dazzled—Fiona Warnick is a wunderkind.

    —Allegra Hyde, author of The Last Catastrophe

  • One summer can change everything in The Skunks. A relatable and heartwarming capture of that pivotal coming of age moment in early adulthood when the world is demanding you make declarations about who you are, but you aren’t quite sure yet. Warnick gets at the pangs of awkward encounters, the trials of returning to your hometown, and most of all, finding love within yourself. An inventive new novel that ensures you’ll never think of skunks the same way. A joy to read.

    —Chelsea Bieker, author of Godshot and Heartbroke