Courtney Cook

Courtney Cook is a writer, illustrator, teacher, and lover of naps. Courtney received an undergraduate degree from the University of Michigan and an MFA in creative nonfiction from the University of California, Riverside. She grew up in Winnetka, Illinois, and now resides in Chicago with her cat, Bertie.


  • A tender, relatable book from a commanding new voice.


  • Candid …. depicts [mental health issues] with humor and vulnerability.

    —Publishers Weekly

  • Candid and endearing. . . . In addition to a moving personal story, Cook provides a funny, heartfelt guide to borderline personality disorder and a distillation of adolescent tortures many readers will recognize. A poignant debut from a promising writer and illustrator.

    —Kirkus, Starred Review

  • The Way She Feels is a lifeline to anyone who’s ever felt alone.

    —Piper Weiss, author of You All Grow Up and Leave Me

  • Audaciously human and raw. The Way She Feels is a rainbow during the rain.

    —Mara Altman, author of Gross Anatomy

  • Moving…. [Cook’s] work makes the disorder a little less scary, taboo, and misunderstood. She writes candidly about her experiences with self-harm, dermatillomania (obsessive skin-picking), and numerous hospitalizations in an astounding way that feels like reading a friend’s diary. In fact, it often feels like she was one of my friends in high school. The book is raw, but also full of humor, heart, and oh so many bright colors

    —Book Riot

  • A brave unveiling of the reality of borderline personality disorder.

    —Paperback Paris

  • Pack[s] a powerful emotional punch.

    —Early Bird Books

  • Informative and necessary.

    —New Letters

  • A smart, funny graphic memoir about living with BPD.

    —Marbles Magazine

  • A brutally honest look at living with mental illness. Very relatable (and reassuring) for those of us who’ve been/are there.

    —School Library Journal