Brittany Rogers

Brittany Rogers is a poet, educator, and lifelong Detroiter. She has work published or forthcoming in Prairie Schooner, Indiana Review, Four Way Review, Underbelly, Mississippi Review, Lambda Literary, and Oprah Daily. Brittany is a fellow of VONA, The Watering Hole, Poetry Incubator, and Pink Door Writing Retreat. She is editor-in-chief of Muzzle magazine and co-host of VS Podcast.


  • Through lush imagery, slick syntax, elegant diction, and play with form, Brittany Rogers is a generous and keenly observant poet. Good Dress knows Detroit and all its migrations: the East Sidedness of its own language; its Down South tell-it-like-it-is because I love you and mean it. Night deer in the pastoral of empty house lots, the heaven of a corner deli that knows you by your name. These poems force us to consider what we mean when we say home, and who gets to tell that story. Exploring gentrification, queer eroticism, motherhood, and church-girl-blues, Brittany Rogers makes it her business to insist we look at it all— the catastrophe and the beauty—and leave none of its wisdom behind. This self-assured, dazzling debut has a story to tell. And says it with its chest, its whole mouth.

    —Aricka Foreman, author of Salt Body Shimmer