Adam O’Fallon Price

Adam O’Fallon Price received his MFA at Cornell University. His work has been published in The Paris ReviewViceThe Iowa Review, Glimmer Train, and elsewhere. His first novel The Grand Tour was published in 2016. He lives in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.


  • The storytelling structure that Price has constructed will leave the reader slackjawed and eager to reread.

    —Booklist (Starred Review)

  • Told by a cast of family members that spans generations, this is a family saga with a mystery at its heart and a Doctorow-like take on the rise and fall of a particular era of American life and the American dream. Price (The Grand Tour) has written a compelling chronicle of grand dreams and dark secrets.

    —Library Journal (Starred Review)

  • Price takes big risks that allow him to perform dizzying feats.

    —Star Tribune

  • Price is a sharp writer, and his novel wonderfully critiques family obligation while simultaneously delivering a crafty, sinister whodunit.

    —Publishers Weekly

  • A gripping, atmospheric, heart-breaking, almost-ghost story. Not since Stephen King’s Overlook has a hotel hiding a secret been brought to such vivid life.

    —Lydia Kiesling, author of THE GOLDEN STATE

  • Thoroughly absorbing… Spanning almost a century, The Hotel Neversink is a multi-layered tale of family, fortune, and fate that grows eerily compelling with every passing page.

    —Ling Ma, author of SEVERANCE

  • The Hotel Neversink is an astounding literary feat—a murder mystery, a ghost story, a century-spanning family history, and a standup routine all in one, with dramatic variety to rival any Catskills floor show. Adam O’Fallon Price writes with the blackly comic energy of Philip Roth or Lorrie Moore, packing ten novels’ worth of narrative into this compact knish of a book. I wolfed it down in a couple of bites.

    —J. Robert Lennon, author of BROKEN RIVER

  • Adam O’Fallon Price’s The Hotel Neversink, like its namesake, contains many rooms: behind this door, a tragic family saga; behind that one, a comic love story.  And behind it all a mystery that keeps you guessing until the very end. Book your stay soon.

    —Daniel Wallace, author of BIG FISH